Friday, February 5, 2016

2 month old little London!

London turned 2 months on January 23rd
This little cutie is such a sweetheart. She just started to smile and coo at mommy and daddy. She is figuring out what her hands are and tries so hard to get them into her mouth. It makes her mad sometimes. She really loves when mama sings to her. It makes her light up!
London weighs 10'12. She's about 66th percentile over all!
At about 6 weeks she rolled over from her tummy to her back. I couldn't believe it so I turned her back over and she did it 3 more times. It was not just a fluke, she keeps doing it every time we put her on her tummy.
She is still nursing very well. I have tried about five different bottles and she does not really care for any of them, so that will be interesting, ha ha.
She is sleeping like a champ! She is usually down for the night at about 10pm. She will go anywhere from 4-6 hours, eat, and go back to sleep for 3 or 4.
I definitely haven't been sleep deprived.
She loves to cuddle with mommy, but she is also doing good at falling asleep by herself if I lay her down when she is tired.
She loves to be in her swing, and she is starting to be very intrigued by the new play mat and toys we bought her.
She loves her sisters so much. They are both great helpers for me. Remi will sit and talk to her when she is sad and London calms down and listens intently. Whenever London spits up, Brixton runs over with a burpcloth or Kleenex and says "Frow up" as she wipes London's face.
I love having three little girls. Remi and Brixton are becoming best friends. They literally play together all day and keep each other occupied. Can't wait to see all three of them play together.

Answered Prayers

When we got back from our little vacation in Hebgen Lake, Montana, I decided to take London in. She had been acting really fussy the whole weekend. She wasn't very interested in eating at all. I started to get worried on Sunday night (Eli's birthday) and ended up taking her in to the ER.
They hooked her up to the oxygen monitor and looked her over. They ended up testing her for RSV, and sure enough, it came back positive as well as bronchiolitis. We had been there for about three hours when they decided to send us home. The whole time we were there, the oxygen stayed right at 98-100, and they said her lungs were almost all the way clear. They did a chest x-ray and ruled out any pneumonia as well. So, we headed home!

The next day, my father in law came over and helped Eli give her a blessing. She was doing alright until about 7 pm. I had laid her down and when I picked her up, she threw up really bad and started to choke. She usually always spits up if I lay her on her back, but this time her lips turned really purple and she was gasping for air. She finally started breathing again, but I noticed that her ribs were collapsing each time she took a breath. This is what the doctor told me to watch for. So, I frantically put her in her car seat, grabbed my phone charger and some extra diapers, and headed to the ER again. 
They checked her lungs again and they were still very clear. The doctor told us because of the choking episode, she would need to be watched over night though. About an hour after being there, her oxygen started to drop. The nurse came in and had me hold a little mask over her nose to help her breath. He said they were definitely going to admit us now.

A nurse walked us up to the pediatric unit and took us to our room. The room was painted with the characters from Winne the Pooh. Right by the door read this quote,

"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
-Christopher Robin

Soon after we got settled into our room, London Spiked a fever of 102. Her oxygen levels kept dropping, and she would only eat a tiny bit. I think I slept 3 hours that night. I was so worried. My sweet baby was only 8 weeks old and in the hospital. The mom guilt definitely sets in, but I knew that she was in good hands, and Heavenly Father was watching over her.
The nurses would weigh her diapers, and throughout the whole night, she only put out 26 ml, which they said was not very much AT ALL. If she didn't put out more the next morning, we would probably have to get an IV.
By 11 am the next morning (Tuesday) she had already put out 68 ml. If she kept that up, no Iv would be needed!
Eli and my mom came by to visit me that morning, which was so great to have support. While my mom was visiting, I could tell that London was feeling pretty warm. They checked her, and sure enough, her fever was back up to 102. They gave her some medicine and once the fever was down, they let her try and go without oxygen for a little bit. Later in the evening, it started to drop again, and so she was put back on it.

There were times where I just broke down. As a parent, we want to fix everything for our kids and make it better, but this time I wasn't really able to do that. I cuddled my baby close and prayed to my Heavenly Father. He would be there with her and I while we went through this trial, and everything would be ok. London was on oxygen the rest of the night.

On Wednesday morning, the nurses tried to take her off again, but after 20 minutes it dropped as low as 73, and she was put back on it. Even though her oxygen kept dropping, she was eating so well, plenty of wet diapers, and sleeping like a champ. All she needed was to get the oxygen up. The doctor said that he typically wants to see them sleep through the night without needing it at all.
My dad came in for a visit that day, and he brought London a cute little stuffed animal. It was good to get some snuggles from grandpa!

Eli would come in and visit me and London each night. I am so thankful for both of our moms that were so willing to take the girls so he could come in. I am also thankful for Eli's wonderful boss that allowed him to work from home, so that he could be with Remi and Brixton. Eli is such a great dad. I missed my girls so much, but I knew they were so well taken care of by their daddy. He took them to the store and let them pick out dress up clothes. When he came in Wednesday night, he brought London a new outfit! I could not have picked a better person to be my husband

At about 2am Thursday morning, the nurses turned her oxygen off. She was able to stay off of it the ENTIRE night and day. Around 6 pm, the doctor came in and told us he couldn't believe the turnaround he saw with London, especially because of her age. He had suspected that should would have had to be there until the next week. By about 7 pm we were all packed up and checked out. My mom had come to visit, and was such a great help to have her there when it was time to go. I am so thankful to have had her in there with me and for her support.

I know that through prayer, London was able to progress so quickly. The last night I was in the hospital, I decided to scroll through the comments on Eli's post about London.
there were comments after comments of people sending their prayers our way. Literally people from all over the world were praying for our sweet baby. I have never in my life FELT, and I mean felt, the prayers from all of the many friends and family that we have. My whole body was filled with a warm and comforting feeling, and I know all of the prayers on our behalf were answered. I can't even say how much it meant to have so many people checking up on us and London. My amazing bishop even came in to the hospital to see how we were doing.

                                     London is now home and doing good. She is SO happy!

One week later, we took her in to the Dr. for a follow up. Lungs were clear, and she had gained 1/2 pound in one week. Yay!

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Through this trial, my testimony on faith and prayer were strengthened beyond measure. I have seriously never felt prayers the way I did those 4 days. I am so thankful to have my baby girl home. I am especially thankful to have her in our family!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

London is One Month

My little London was a month old on the December 23rd.
She is sleeping 4 hour stretches at night, loves to cuddle, and loves her milk. She has done so well with nursing. She is now 9 pounds and 7 ounces! She is so loved by her sisters. They love to cuddle her. When London hears Remi's voice, she immediately settles down.
London is a bright eyed girl! She is doing well at following our voices. She definitely loves her mama's voice, and she kicks and wiggles when she hears me.
The transition to three was surprisingly easier than the transition to two. I was worried that Brixton would get jealous of all the attention given to the baby, but she has done so well. Remi is so much help. She loves to cuddle London when mommy needs to get something done.
We are so happy to finally have her in our family.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

London's Birth Story

On November 23rd, 2015, Eli and I left the girls with grandma Patsy and went into EIRMC to be induced with baby number three. We got to the hospital at about 7am. The nurse led us to room 117, the same room that we delivered Remington and Brixton in! What are the odds of that?! I thought it was pretty cool. The nurse was ready to give me my IV around 8 am, but she could not get a good vein. It took 3 different people and 6 different sticks before they got the needle in for good. After the third try I was really feeling sick. I got very lightheaded and sick to my stomach. I was very glad once they got it in. My Pitocin didn’t start until about 9 am. I was dilating about 1 centimeter every two hours. Around 12 o’clock, Dr. Allphin came in and broke my water. I sure had a lot come out. I got the doctor’s pants soaked! It was a little bit embarrassing how much water came out!
The contractions really started to get tough after that. I was starting to feel the pain, and so around 1:45 pm I decided to get my epidural. I am always so nervous for this part and also relieved once it is in and I am no longer in pain. The anesthesiologist put the needle in and I could feel some stinging on my left side. He had to take it out and do it again. The second time, it was where it needed to be, and in no time I was feeling a lot more relaxed.
The nurses checked on me about every 20-30 minutes. My blood pressure always drops quite a bit when I get the epidural. I was still only dilating 1 centimeter every two hours. I was sure I would have her quickly because of all the contractions I had felt during the last part of my pregnancy. Around 8 pm I was really slowing down and the baby’s heart rate was dropping some, and so the nurse got a medicine ball and had me lay on my side with it between my legs. After switching sides with the ball for about 2 hours, I was finally dilated to an eight almost a nine. I was fairly relaxed throughout the day because of my epidural that I almost drifted off to sleep a few times, but by 11 pm I was exhausted and very glad when I was starting to feel a lot of pressure with each contraction. The doctor came in and checked my a little after 11 and sure enough it was time. They got everything prepped and ready to go. Before I knew it, it was time to push. I kept telling Eli how nervous and scared I was for some reason. I just couldn’t shake the feeling.
They let Eli deliver for the most part. It was really neat. I started my first push and she was definitely coming. After my first push the doctor stopped me and told me not to push anymore. He didn’t want me to tear. I kept asking if I could push because I felt so much pressure. The weird thing was that I could feel her coming out but it didn’t hurt at all. (When I had Brixton, I could feel it and it hurt really badly.)
London Marie Coon born at 11:15 pm on November 23, 2015; 7 pounds even 20 inches long.
She came out very easily and they laid her on my stomach. The cord had been wrapped around her neck 3 times, her waist, and her leg and arm. My sweet little London lay there lifeless, as blue as could be. I could tell right away that something was not right. I kept asking them why she wasn’t crying. The nurse looked at the doctor and said “Cut the cord, I want her.” They rushed little London over. I could hardly look over at her as she lay there lifeless. The nurses were checking her heartbeat, shaking their head no. All of a sudden I hear them call for the NICU nurses. I completely lost it.
My poor baby was surrounded by about 10 nurses. She still hadn’t cried or even made a peep. I could see them clearing out her airway and sticking tubes down her throat. I just laid there and cried. I have never felt so helpless in my life, and I have never prayed so hard in my life. I feel as if I have always been able to help my children when they are in need. Not this time. My sweet baby lay there, struggling to breath and I could do nothing about it except pray. My amazing doctor stood by my side, assuring me that everything was alright while my sweet husband was over by his baby trying to comfort her in some way. Over and over I kept saying, “I can’t do this, I can’t do this!”  All I wanted was to hear her cry.
Finally after about 10 minutes or so the color finally came over her whole body. She still didn’t cry, but I hear her make a little noise as she was looking around the room with her big, beautiful eyes. She was finally breathing on her own. I was very surprised when they let me hold her. She nursed right away. After they had checked her over, they found a small heart murmur and her heart was also skipping a beat about every 10 seconds. (Luckily, by the time we left the hospital, both we gone.) They got me cleaned up and we went in to our room. London was eating so well. I was really worried about taking my eyes off of her, but I desperately needed some sleep, and so the nurses took her in to the nursery and let me get some rest.
The next morning, my sweet Remi and Brixton came to visit. The girls were in LOVE! Brixton yanked her close and gave her kisses. Remi didn’t want to put her down and was so sad when they had to leave. I was so happy to have all my girls together.
We stayed one more night at the hospital. Every test was coming back great. The doctors and nurses told us she was perfect. The nurses were so happy when I let them take her in the next night as well. They told me they had been waiting for me to ask because she was such a sweetheart and they couldn’t wait to snuggle her. She seriously never cried at all! When they weighed her, gave her shots etc. She was so sweet and calm. I could not put her down and was cuddling constantly.
The next morning, Eli and the girls came to pick us up! Remington helped me dress her and get her into her car seat. I was so excited to be going home. Brixton threw quite the fit on our way out. That is nothing new, and I knew it wasn’t because of the baby. She did amazing with the baby when we got home. I thought she would be emotional and feel left out, but she was as happy as could be. Eli was able to spend the whole week with us. Words cannot even begin to describe the help he was with EVERYTHING; from cleaning to grocery shopping and helping with the kids. I sure picked the best husband and father out there.
The transition to three kids has been a lot easier than I anticipated. Remi is definitely a big helper to me. My first week at home with them by myself went very smoothly. It is not easy by any means, but London is such a good baby that I can’t complain. I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for getting her here safely. I love my family and I am so glad I get them for eternity. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Update on my Remi girl

I feel so bad that it has, once a gain, been a while since I wrote!
Remi is HILARIOUS! And sassy....and just too smart for her own good!
Here is a little list of some of the funny things Remi has been saying.
I wish I could remember everything, but its hard when seriously everything she says is sooo funny:

Remi told us that "Thanksgiving is pie, chicken, and cookies. 
She is thankful for presents and blanket. 
Wants to go on a mission

"I want to marry daddy I need a wedding dress. I will get it at the dollar store. Oh wait dollar store doesn't have dresses. daddy will wear batman."

Had accident. "Oh mom is OK it's not your fault know it's mine."
"I do booty dance and gma dance and everyone laughed for more. "
"Elsa told me to dump water"

She calls the microwave a microphone

"Mommy will you sing me good night song like i love you remi" She reads the love you forever book.

"Ways be my mommy"
"Come now you you'll get a spanking in your bed all by yourself with no books"

"I will give you a dollar if you set up the Christmas tree" What do you want to be when you grow up? 
"I want to drive a car by myself. "
"Jesus died for us. I Want to die with jesus."
LOVES play food.

Imaginary friend is Junie from spy kids.

"I saved you a spot. What you wanna talk about. Let's talk about purses." She sang me songs. When I sang the temple song she kissed my cheek and I felt the spirit so strong. "Homemade water is my favorite."

"Look behind mommy brixton there's a kitty!"

"Brixton is just chilin" Told Grandma Mallard to put the tree away because Christmas is over. Told barney to shut it down " The front closet... looks like a garage sale. Look at my new boots" Who loves you at your house? " Brixton"
Eli was picking her up for a daddy daughter date. She wasnt ready yet and said...  
"Oh no daddy can't see me I am not ready!"

"Look brix mommy got us new hangers! are you excited?" "I am not a baby I am a kid." "This is my new move... cut the wood " (chopping motion) Shovels her cards when we play uno! "I don't know how I turned into a kid. Maybe mom cast a spell on me"

Started sobbing hysterically when we watch Fox and the Hound. :( She calls it Fox and the hem tree
Are you a good cook? "Heck yes"

She is so grateful and excited about life. She tells us often that "this is the best day ever!"
"Bo ken arrow .." (bow and arrow) was our latest find for her at DI. She loves the show "Brave" and was so excited! 
Farts... "what did I just eat"

Those are some of the awesome things that Remi says.
I can't get enough of my sweetie pie!